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Tuesday , June 23, 2020

TPEA Elections 2020,

All of the Association Representative positions have been filled this term by acclamation. We wish to Thank the membership for their ongoing support.

Thank You 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020


Maintenance Plant 1 & 2, Stationary Eng. Oilers, Metal Working Fluids.

Nominee: Frank DaSilva,  Nominator: Chris Bradley, Seconder: Eric Bush.

Toolroom, Toolroom Welders, Precision Inspection, Toolroom Inspection.

Nominee: Chris Toole, Nominator: Rick Koudys, Seconder: Marc Giguere.

Heavy Forge, Heavy Forge Cut Off, Plant 1 Lift Truck Operator.

Nominee: Rob Deguire, Nominator: Martin Early, Seconder: Dave Reid.

Light Forge-Tocco, Heat Treat, Cold Trim, Sandblast, Upsetters, Magnaflux, Aluminium Process.

Nominee: Darren Wilson, Nominator: Rob Sodtke, Seconder: Scott Walters.

Inspection, General Service, Stockroom, Shipping, General Labour Pool

Nominee: Lance Groff, Nominator: Dave Toth ,Seconder: Joel Friesen.

Plant 2 Tow Motor, Chrysler, C1, JL, E2, Nissan & Omega Machining, Toolsetter, C-Segment, UPN150, Threader, JL Adjust Machine & Threading.

Nominee: Bruce Murray, Nominator: Jim Maude, Seconder: Gerry Haycox.

Econoline, Hand Clamp, PN96 Assembly, Automatic Ball Joint, Manual Ball Joint, Ford, D2XX OTR, D2XX ITR &, JL Socket Machining, P558 Trackbar

Nominee: Todd Cleland, Nominator: Dave Kerr, Seconder: Jim Packer.

Miscellaneous, C1 Fiat, JK Linkage, DH Linkage, P552 Ball Joint, Nissan & Omega, JL,  D2XX OTR & ITR  Assembly.

Nominee: Mario Pavan, Nominator: Mike O’Toole, Jarrod Burtt.


Friday, June 12, 2020

TPEA Update regarding COVID-19


Manpower plans announced by the company for next week, June 15—June 19 are as follows:


114 Production: Plant 1

86 Production: Plant 2

27 Skilled Trades: Plant 1 & 2


The addition or subtraction of manpower for next week is subject to change without notice.


The company has now exhausted the seniority list for optional employee recall. Employees still on layoff from this point onward will be recalled in accordance to the provisions established in the collective labour agreement. If further clarification is required, contact your department rep.


The company has announced a partial vacation shutdown period the week of June 29—July 3, 2020. As per article 20.19, employees wishing to work during the vacation period may indicate their desire to do so to the Human Resources department by filling out a form supplied by the company, no later than June 19, 2020, at 4:00 PM.

Friday, June 26, 2020, will be observed as Canada Day.

Department Rep Elections will now proceed forward:

June 8: Notice for Nomination

June 15-19: Nominations (6:00 AM – 4:00 PM)

June 25: Pre-Vote (6:00 AM – 4:00 PM)

June 30: Vote (6:00 AM -4:00 PM)


Stay safe!


Yours in Brotherhood,


Frank Viscek, President

Henry Clarkson, Vice-President





THK St. Catharines has made it mandatory that all employees MUST enter through either:
• the Plant 1 North Gate Employee Entrance or
• the Plant 2 Security Entrance.

These are the only entry points for Plant 1 and Plant 2.

Anyone entering Plant 1 and Plant 2, must be pre-screened by an official  representative on a daily basis. Your temperature will be taken, and a short mandatory survey must be completed. Based on the results of your pre-screen, they  must approve your access to enter the plants.
If you are denied access, they  will notify HR and your supervisor and you will be contacted about next steps.



Frank Viscek, TPEA President


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